The History Of Blackjack And How It Can Be Played

Blackjack, also called blackjack, is a very popular game in casinos and other gaming venues as it is directly controlled by the player himself. That’s because the player doesn’t depend exclusively on luck, but on prudent and well thought-out decisions. There are no probabilities, but technique and knowledge about the game to win and, of course, a little luck.

Blackjack History

According to research about Blackjack, the game appeared in the beginning of the 18th century, in France. The original name of the game was “Vingt-et-un”, which in Portuguese translation means “twenty-one”. Another popular nomenclature was “Chemin de Fer”. The origin of the game currently known as Blackjack is believed to be a combination of both French games.

With the arrival of French settlers to America in the 19th century, the game also came as part of their culture. Soon the “Twenty-one” became popular in legal casinos that emerged throughout the 1930s, mainly in Nevada, USA.

Writer Edward Thorp wrote a book about the rules of Blackjack in 1962. The book, called “Beating the Dealer”, was a bestseller shortly after its release, becoming a reference for all players and practitioners who wanted to win the game .

Today there are different types of Blackjack games, with different rules depending on the region where it is played. In casinos, for example, usually the game has more rules and possibilities, which increase the difficulty and challenge for the player. In online games, a very common game with the advancement of internet technologies, the rules are usually smaller, with the player concerned almost exclusively with reaching the ideal sum of points to win, blackjack.

How To Play

This is an easy game to learn as it has few rules. One more reason why it is so appreciated by the world. The objective of Blackjack is for the player to be able to make a hand with a full value or close to twenty-one. The sum of the cards can never pass this value, otherwise it is automatically out of the round. The ideal is, then, to ask for cards to approach this sum, but stop before exceeding it. The hand who gets the closest number to twenty-one, or who reaches that number with the fewest cards, wins.

The game starts with players placing their bets. Each player places the stipulated minimum bet in front of him, and then receives two cards from the dealer. The dealer deals himself two cards as well. The game is played between the player and the dealer, not with other players at the table.

Player cards are usually face up. One of the dealer’s cards is face up, called the ascendant, and the other remains face down, known as the hole card. If the dealer’s face up card is a ten or aces, he checks the bottom card for possible Blackjack. In that case all players at the table lose and the bank wins the hand. The only chance of winning is with another Blackjack. If the dealer does not have Blackjack players can then play their hands. The turn order is from the dealer’s left to the right.

The Plays That Exist In Blackjack Are:

– Stand (hold): The player asks for a stand if he is satisfied with his hand and does not want to receive any more cards.

– Hit (hit): The player asks for a hit if he wants one more card.

– Double: When you feel the need for one more card, just one, then you double your bet and receive the card.

– Split (split): When the player receives two equal cards in the first round, he can split them into two different hands, having to make another bet of equal value.

– Surrender (surrender): In some places the player can ask for surrender after the first two cards, if he doesn’t like them. He loses half the bet to the dealer alone.

Remember that each casino, or any other gaming venue, may have different rules. Usually, in a more homemade blackjack game, or even in some online games, the rules are limited to asking for more cards and stopping, without split or surrender options. It depends on the venue, the dealer and how you are playing Blackjack.

Where To Play

There are many options for where to play Blackjack. In Brazil, casinos are prohibited, therefore this option is not available. In countries like the United States, where this type of gaming is legal, there are several options for establishments where you can have fun and play at will. Las Vegas, for example, is the reference city in casinos worldwide. Those who like not only Blackjack, but also other gambling games, cannot miss the opportunity to visit and play at the casinos in that city.

The options online are also many. Several games and servers provide virtual rooms to play games. Some are virtual betting, others are real money betting. It’s worth checking out and trying this game that is easy and addictive.

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